Race Car Tracking

Race Car Tracking Services

Fishgistics team of veteran racers is available to provide racers / chasers with the information they need when they need it. Services are custom tailored to each race team and provide updates straight to your cell phone or sat phone via text message.

– Race car location and speed sent every 20min for the duration of the race. Updates are also time stamped when sent so if a phone is off or doesn’t have service you can know when the message was sent once its in service range again.

– Ability for team members to respond back with questions about physical or corrected time position (when available) and competitor questions.

– If a race car goes to 0mph at anytime during the race the updates will be sent every 1-3min (depending on tracker update speed) to the group until its known what the issue is or the race car gets moving again.

– Tracking of the car using the SCORE/BITD supplied tracker

– Tracking of the car using our own Fishgistics “Fishfinder” tracker as a backup should the organization tracker fail.

– Fishgistics has a direct chat link to Weatherman station so in emergency we can be in touch directly with Weatherman. Also in case of a total tracker fail we can try and get updates on location the old fashion way via race radios and check points.

– Fishgistics has a direct SCORE number on speed dial in case of emergency and can help provide a direct link with information straight to SCORE during the race if needed.

Other services are available upon request. Let us help make the race go as smoothly for you as possibly.